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I don’t even know you and you got me speechless. I can’t help but notice you from a distance. Your style, your grace, your overall dopeness, every time I see you’re my only focus.


Chosing HAPPINESS :D over miserably

In my school LEADERS, we have a week of intensive. Intensive is a one week of class, all day and we learn something new. (plus we get high school credit) My intensive obviously is about blogging and I’ve learned to blog by the help of my two teachers, Ms.Dunzelman and Ms.Schenck. 

Today my teachers made Nina and me to interview one of the intensive we have in school that connects to our topic in blogging. The intensive is called Eat,Pray,Love. They went to a two-day camping in Upstate NY, with no electronics for two days. ( I guess I would never survive there because I need technology) This intensive is about learning and finding yourself, get to know about who you are and not what other people may think about you. Today we went inside the class, to see what they were up to. They were talking about happiness. They explained that you can choose whether to be happy or be miserably, well in other words sad in life. ( people wouldn’t want that, right?) They back up with evidence, showing quotes and people’s life experience. Mr.Mears ( global teacher) and Mr.Ahmed (chemistry teacher) ask them to write a response with a quote, “What is happiness?” for them. I sit next to students writing and looking for evidence in their binder. I was going to interview them and ask them, but they were really concentrating on their work so I didn’t want to distract them with my question.

People may ask, how does this have to be connected in your blog?

Well, my answer for you is that there is a lot of answer.  There is a lot to connect about my love blog.  People should love themselves who they are and not what they may pretend to be. If people pretend someone they are not, other people will like the “fake” personality instead the real you. If you be someone who isn’t YOU, it won’t hurt other people but it will hurt YOU and only YOU. This trip made students think about themselves, find themselves and get to learn about themself. Love who you are, because you don’t have to be the same as others, you are UNIQUE. You should be who you are and not what people may say that makes you change, if they do they aren’t really your real friends. Don’t listen to them, follow your own path and you will be fine and won’t regret about it at all.

One of the slide show presented by the teachers in LEADERS.

One of the slide show presented by the teachers in LEADERS.

Mr.Ahmed teaching

Mr.Ahmed teaching

the camping gear

the camping gear

Mr.Mears teaching them also and demonstrating the slide shows.

Mr.Mears teaching them also and demonstrating the slide shows.

students writing about what happiness is :D

students writing about what happiness is 😀

students writing about what happiness is :D

students writing about what happiness is 😀

Family :D

Parents love

Parents love

Let me have a moment to talk about Parents yapping. 😮

I have a medium size family. I have two parents and 3 siblings, including me.

Everyone tells us teens that parents LOVE never ends, agree?

It is true, but for me, when I get so ANGRY, in my mind it always pop saying “they don’t love me.” Which this makes me really 😦 sad. I think about, and why bother thinking about because my parents do love me no matter what:

1) they gave us stuff when we need it or when we want something

2) they give us advice

3) they cook when I come home tired after-school

4) they take us places

last but not least

5) they give us their LOVE  ❤

There are a lot of reasons to love your parents, this isn’t the fished list, this can go on and on. Teens, if some how you’re readying this blog of my, ALWAYS REMEMBER, take in my mind. Your parents LOVE YOU who you are and will trust you. They WILL always be there for you when you are down and when you’re up. People may come and go, but a parents love never goes and NEVER ends. They will always be at your side. If they yell or scream or anything that makes you hate them, they are doing for your own good, it isn’t because they don’t love you, but want you to be a better person. Some parents can be a big pain in the head, but they are doing this for your own benefit. There are some parents that don’t care about you and leave you there like a toy, and some kids become bad and/or not well-educated and etc.  Take a minute to say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU because with that words, that can make their day brighter. 😀 ❤

As for me I want to thank my parents for being there for me and want to say I LOVE THEM ❤ SO MUCH ^_^

P.S  this can be said in any age, not only just teens but ADULTS too.

What is LOVE <3 ??? O.o


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❤ Love…

All around the world people love each other no matter what. Love can be anything, it is not about loving another person.

For example people can love: food, their pets, family members, babies, boyfriends & girlfriends, husbands and

wife, color, type of technology, clothing, favorite hobbies, traveling and etc.

Without LOVE people can’t choose the thing or thinks in life. People wont be very happy.

So take a chance and look around you, it can be anywhere. It can be in your room and search the things you have or wearing on you. Look what u wearing and think “why did I chose this and not the other shirt with flowers and etc? or why do I cut my hair and didn’t keep it long?.” You did this because you love the way it looks on you or the shirt you have you automatically loved it. See the word LOVE pops out.

Love is everywhere around you, even thought you don’t notice it. ❤

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