Cute couple key chain

Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that defines your world but is often overlooked.

The couple key chain

The couple key chain

Couple key chain.

For me a couple key chain represent something special.  (I know it sounds crazy O.o)

<—– i got this picture from this link

The key chain for me represents that the person loves me more. That they want to give a half of their chain to me  because this person trust me and knows that I will keep it safe.

A simple key chain given from someone special it means a lot for me. Even thought it’s not something big or  expensive.  (Sometimes people over react on giving gifts that are big or expensive :/ but i appreciate it even thought  sometimes I think I shouldn’t accept it :/ LOL)

A key chain has a cute touch, when you put it together it stays together and it completes the drawing of love. When the picture is connected,  it shows the big picture. This key chain can be given at any days or anniversary. It gets me really excited when they give me this, because I know this person will stick with me together at my weakest AND brighter days. I know that he will stay and won’t go. (but we never know what will happen) 😮 When I connect the key chain, I smile and realize that this little thing represent him, that he gave it to me not just to give it because is cute, but to show me that this key chain is not just a  key chain but something that represents US and no one else. That represents him and plus the love he has for me.

That is why the COUPLE key chain is so meaningful for ME. ^_^