introduction of MUA (me) :D

My name is Jessica and u can call me Jessy or Jess. This is my first time blogging. My intensive teachers tough us to blog. (Thank you)

I been living in NYC about 15 years. (basically I’m 15..obviously) I LOVE to listen to music, MUSIC is my life. I listen to every type of music that I think is cool. I’m American and Ecuadorian . (VIVA ECUADOR) 😀 I’m a CRAZY person not crazy but REALLY crazy, when you get to know me. I’m shy at first but then you get to know the Crazy side of me. My HS is a pretty small high school and I love it here because I know everyone, teachers are super cool, and they so helpful.  I love technology ,and I’m thinking to becoming a computer engineering BUT also I want to become a doctor or a nurse… O_o so I can’t decide what to be. :/ I have a BIG family. People might ask “why you chose this topic for blogging?” or “Are you in love?”. The answers with be, first if all I’m in LOVE with my family but not someone for now (you know a boy), nothing of that is in me. I chose this topic because love have been inspired me since day 1, you don’t have to be in love with someone to write something about love (even thought I think it should). From day 1 people gave me there love, especially my parents. As I said “Love is everywhere you go, you just don’t see it, but you can feel it.” I love to eat food. I’ve been traveling when I was about 8 years old, I went to Ecuador to visit my family. I been DJ when I was 12 but in my house, my parents make little parties like: birthday parties, First Communion of my siblings, Christmas and etc. Then I QUIT cause I couldn’t get to dance, which my next big thing is, I LOVE DANCING. I don’t dance like professionals but I dance my heart out.  This is a brief summary of me (not going to write a BIG story cause eventually you going to get bored) but anyways I will continue on my blogging about LOVE and MY LIFE. 😀


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