Family :D

Parents love

Parents love

Let me have a moment to talk about Parents yapping. 😮

I have a medium size family. I have two parents and 3 siblings, including me.

Everyone tells us teens that parents LOVE never ends, agree?

It is true, but for me, when I get so ANGRY, in my mind it always pop saying “they don’t love me.” Which this makes me really 😦 sad. I think about, and why bother thinking about because my parents do love me no matter what:

1) they gave us stuff when we need it or when we want something

2) they give us advice

3) they cook when I come home tired after-school

4) they take us places

last but not least

5) they give us their LOVE  ❤

There are a lot of reasons to love your parents, this isn’t the fished list, this can go on and on. Teens, if some how you’re readying this blog of my, ALWAYS REMEMBER, take in my mind. Your parents LOVE YOU who you are and will trust you. They WILL always be there for you when you are down and when you’re up. People may come and go, but a parents love never goes and NEVER ends. They will always be at your side. If they yell or scream or anything that makes you hate them, they are doing for your own good, it isn’t because they don’t love you, but want you to be a better person. Some parents can be a big pain in the head, but they are doing this for your own benefit. There are some parents that don’t care about you and leave you there like a toy, and some kids become bad and/or not well-educated and etc.  Take a minute to say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU because with that words, that can make their day brighter. 😀 ❤

As for me I want to thank my parents for being there for me and want to say I LOVE THEM ❤ SO MUCH ^_^

P.S  this can be said in any age, not only just teens but ADULTS too.


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