What is LOVE <3 ??? O.o


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❀ Love…

All around the world people love each other no matter what. Love can be anything, it is not about loving another person.

For example people can love: food, their pets, family members, babies, boyfriends & girlfriends, husbands and

wife, color, type of technology, clothing, favorite hobbies, traveling and etc.

Without LOVE people can’t choose the thing or thinks in life. People wont be very happy.

So take a chance and look around you, it can be anywhere. It can be in your room and search the things you have or wearing on you. Look what u wearing and think “why did I chose this and not the other shirt with flowers and etc? or why do I cut my hair and didn’t keep it long?.” You did this because you love the way it looks on you or the shirt you have you automatically loved it. See the word LOVE pops out.

Love is everywhere around you, even thought you don’t notice it. ❀

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